Independent Collectors

Australia (15)

White Rabbit

Judith Neilso’s collection is located in an old factory in Sydney’s industrial district.

JAHM – Justin Art House Museum

Given its spacious and unorthodox design, the JAHM looks more like a public exhibition venue than a private residence.

Lyon Housemuseum

A 40-minute tram ride from Melbourne takes you to this unique hybrid space

ARNDT Collection

Tiffany Wood and Matthias Arndt aim to collect works that create disturbance

The Elliott Eyes Collection

In the Victorian townhouse of the Elliot Eyes Collection, art fills every available wall and corner. Interview with Gordon Elliott.

Observance & Turbulent Water

Two Exhibitions at the University of Melbourne’s Buxton Contemporary

Palmer Sculpture Landscape

Greg Johns has created a symbiotic relationship between art and the ancient landscape of South Australia

Get Nude With Art and Stuart Ringholt

Buxton Contemporary has a new artistic support project, ‘Light Source commissions’, launched with Stuart Ringholt’s “Looking at a painting without clothes on in the safety of your own home”.

Bauhaus Now!

The Buxton Contemporary, shares "Bauhaus Now!" with a range of contemporary experiments inspired by the Bauhaus diaspora.

Lyon Housemuseum 2017

If collecting is about the bond between artwork and collector, then the Lyon Housemuseum is the result of when art and life merge together.

Austrian Contemporary Art

Sliced into the green hills of Austria's Carinthia district you'll find the sleek, exposed concrete building that the Museum Liaunig calls home.

22nd Biennale of Sydney

The 22nd Biennale of Sydney, NIRIN, lives on through a diverse virtual program to be launched soon, as well as this Online Exhibition in the meantime!

Museum of Old and New Art

Collector and philanthropist David Walsh has created Australia’s largest private museum.

Matthias Arndt

„In the beginning and in the end, you have to love your artworks for their inherent value, the beauty but also the artistic vision they represent“

A Blueprint for Ruins – The White Rabbit Gallery

A Blueprint for Ruins highlights the urban references in 21st-century Chinese art and is the most successful exhibition of the collection so far.