Independent Collectors

China (11)

Franks-Suss Collection

Initially focused on China, collectors Simon Franks and Robert Suss soon widened their purview

Qiao Zhibing

Catching up with the collector behind TANK Shanghai and Qiao Space

Living Collection

Gary Yeh and Francesca Gavin meet with architect and collector William Lim in Hong Kong.

RongRong & Inri

Co-founders RongRong and Inri have been supporting contemporary photography by hosting a full program at the Three Shadows.

Heart of the Tin Man

Beijing’s M WOODS dedicates itself to the digital age in this exhibition.

The Sifang Art Museum

A unique collection of contemporary art, architecture and design relevant to the time and space of the now.

TANK Shanghai x WIELS

Five disused oil tanks converted as ‘TANK Shanghai’, are now the second home of Qiao Zhibing’s private collection.

Ongoing Process

Co-founder of the ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair, Kelly Ying is one of China’s most well known collectors of contemporary art.

All Means are Sacred

Beijing-based collection M WOODS presents works by artists across fifteen centuries.

Beijing Modern

A young collector. A young collection. In the middle of Beijing’s 798 Art District Chinese collector Lin Han opened his own museum of contemporary art at just 29 years old, with his first ever artwork purchase being a Zeng Fanzhi painting in 2013.

Shanghai Night

Located in the four-story karaoke bar Shanghai Night, in the southwest part of the city, lives a uniquely displayed collection of both Chinese and international art.