Independent Collectors

Denmark (13)

Claus Busch Risvig

Meet the young collector who is taking the international art world by storm whilst never forgetting his roots in Denmark.

Emerging Iranian Artists

Claus Busch Risvig presents in focus on IC, a selection of works by emerging Iranian positions from his collection.

Barbara Maj Husted Werner

An interview with the collector combining art with the everyday life.

Sara Theresa Birn Lysgaard

Life and art cannot be separated when it comes to Sara Theresa Birn Lysgaard’s art collection.

Bech Risvig Collection

Silkeborg-based collector Claus Busch Risvig presents a selection of works from the Bech Risvig Collection at the House for Art and Design in Holstebro, Denmark.

Jens-Peter Brask

Danish collector Jens-Peter Brask is one of Scandinavia's most prominent collectors of contemporary art.

On View 7 & 8

The Stalke Collection’s “On View” are presented quarterly, curated by Sam Jedig and each time feature selected works from the collection.


Copenhagen-based collector Thierry Geoffroy is fascinated by what's happening right now.

Stalke Collection

Not exactly what you’d expect to find in this small Danish suburb.

Collectors’ Choice

Claus Busch Risvig shares a selection of works from the Bech Risvig Collection.

Risvig And The Vogels

See inside the exhibition that was inspired by the Vogels’ modest way of organising and building an art collection.

Tijana Mišković

Collecting by Curating

Copenhagen Contemporary

Copenhagen based contemporary art collector, Peter Ibsen, shares his love for all things monochrome. Read about what sparked his passion for black and white (and the grey in between) and see inside his collection here.